The 21 Day Fix Schedule

fit womanTo do the 21 Day Fix Program, you are required to consider two significant variables into account. Exercise and also a good diet are needed to get satisfying results that can enable me to maintain my weight reduction and muscle definition.

And that is the best part about the 21 Day Fix Schedule. It is about accompanying meal plan that will help you get fit and follow a calendar workout program.

Though a lot of individuals use different workout plans, I plan on using this special one with hopes of getting the very best results while staying with my starting point.

The 21 Day Fix Schedule

As I begin this program, I have to produce my workout schedules to coincide with my eating strategy. I can stay organized and focused on fulfilling my health goals, by arranging the two.

The Doubles Option

The doubles choice is created in the 3rd week for additional workouts from the day-to-day routines. On this particular week, one can include another session to cater for the doubles alternative. For example, if you’re used to working out in the mornings, this is the best time to work out in the evening as well. As a result, getting sleep later may be quite hard.

A beginner like me may discover that it’s challenging to perform all these tasks since the body isn’t used to it. My body will get used to the routine, as time advances. I mean to reach this by adding an additional 30-minute exercise so that I can speed up my results.

The Workouts

Upper fix

The upper fix is a targeted resistance works on the muscles found throughout the torso, back, shoulders, arms, and abs.

Total body cardio fix

These are various exercises that you do to improve their metabolism and cardiovascular health.

Lower fix

The lower fix covers your lower body including hamstrings, calves, quadriceps and glutes. The primary objective is to tone and firm the entire lower body as you burn off the calories around it.

Pilates fix

The Pilates fix is a manner of exercising is targeted at strengthening and giving strength to muscles so enhancing thighs and hips firmness.

Cardio Fix

The cardio fix is great for the heart to keep its pumping ability to through an extensive selection of exercises.

Yoga Fix

The yoga fix will keep your body’s balance and flexibility in check. Your muscles have a tendency to relax also, as you start participating this routine.


I sometimes need help from an excellent motivator to help me to follow the steps to the letter. Missing out on just one schedule is inexcusable and may make me lose concentrate on the workout programs. I need these accessories, to get me started;

Resistance bands

As one is engaging in a work out these bands are made to add more stress and you’ll be able enough to sweat it all out.

Yoga mat

They’re the most recommended mats to be used since they may be fairly comfortable.

Below is a live 21 Day Fix video workout from 2014.

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